ESG 투자 자격증이란?

ESG 투자 자격증은 ESG 요인 (환경, 사회, 지배 구조)을 투자 과정에 통합시키기 위해 투자 전문가에게 필요한 벤치 마크 지식과 기술을 지원하는 CFA Institute 주관 글로벌 ESG 투자 자격증입니다.

Aligned with a key pillar of the mission to lead the investment profession by promoting the highest education, CFA Institute has expanded its portfolio of offerings to include the Certificate in ESG Investing. And now your members and community have access to earning it.

ESG Investing is here to stay. As a global leader in the investment management industry, CFA Institute and our CFA® Society network are perfectly positioned to be the leaders in providing a qualification for financial professionals to gain this knowledge and expertise to bring into the world.

The Certificate in ESG Investing will provide investment professionals the valuable skills and insights needed to integrate ESG factors (environmental, social, and governance) into investment decisions, helping them to meet those needs within their day-to-day roles.

How to earn the certificate

A qualification created by practitioners, for practitioners, developed to deliver knowledge and skills required by investment professionals to integrate ESG factors into the investment process.

Self-paced study program, supported by a dedicated training manual.

Recommended study time is 130 hours on average.

No formal entry requirements but prior investment knowledge is helpful.

2 hour 20 minute exam, 100 questions: multiple choice and item sets.

Price is USD 795 including study materials and exam registration.

Testing is conducted through Prometric Online Testing (Pro-Procter) or Prometric Test Centres.

Over 10,000 registrations since UK launch in 2019.

Leading employers are:

  • adding it to approved training subsidy programs;
  • mandating it for certain job functions;
  • Referencing employee pass rates as a metric in RFPs and pitch books.

Why choose the Certificate in ESG Investing for your organization?

  1. Highly regarded qualification backed by CFA Institute, the globally recognised leader in investment management qualifications.
  2. Delivers the benchmark knowledge and skills required by investment professionals to integrate ESG factors into the investment process. 
  3. Syllabus created by industry practitioners, for practitioners, focusing on the practical topics investment professionals need to know. Content revised annually to maintain relevance.
  4. Firms emphasizing ESG Investing education can improve talent retention and acquisition.
  5. Internal common language of ESG investing strategies.

Tangible benefits to firms include:

Institutional Invoicing

Vouchers for Employees

Tracking data

PR template provided by CFA Institute

Listed as supporter on CFA Institute collateral

LinkedIn badge for employees

Who is the certificate designed for?


  • ESG Concepts & Approaches
  • Benefits & Challenges
  • Materiality of ESG Issues
  • ESG Megatrends
  • Size & Scope of ESG Investing
  • Key Market Drivers
  • ESG Issues & Sustainability Trends
  • ESG Implementation Challenges
  • Key Evidence-Based Environmental Concepts
  • Megatrends & Relationship to Business Practices
  • Applying Material Impacts on Investment Opportunities
  • Key Evidence-Based Social Concepts
  • Social Issues & Relationship to Business Practices
  • Applying Material Impacts on Investment Opportunities
  • Corporate Governance Frameworks & Models
  • Applying Material Impacts on Investment Opportunities
  • Applying Factors to Financial Modelling, Risk Assessment, etc.
  • Purpose of Engagement & Stewardship
  • Stewardship Codes & Principle Requirements
  • Methods and Engagement in Practice (+ by asset class)
  • Objectives of ESG Integration by approaches and challenges
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Approaches by Asset Class
  • ESG Databases & Software
  • CRA’s ESG Scoring, Screening
  • Portfolio Construction & Mgmnt.
  • ESG Factors on Strategic Asset Allocation Models
  • Evaluating ESG Investments
  • Managing Risk & Return, Passive Portfolios
  • Mandate Construction and Effective Delivery of ESG Investing
  • ESG Screening
  • Client Types & ESG Strategy
  • Reporting, Monitoring, and Measurement

2021 KIC – ESG 투자 자격증 소개 영상(2021년 10월 28일)

*2023년 1월 이후로 시험 등록비/기간 변경. 아래의 상세정보 참고.

시험 요강

  • 시험 등록비: USD 865
    • – 시험 1회 응시료 및 온라인 학습이용권 포함
      – 학습자료 Hard Copy 구매: USD 135 (국제배송비 별도)
  • 시험 응시기간: 시험 등록 후 6개월 이내
  • 시험 총 문항: 100문제(선다형 및 객관식)
  • 권장 학습 시간: 100-130시간
  • 평균 합격률: 60% – 70%
  • 시험 시간: 2시간 20분
  • 시험 응시 방법:
  • Prometric 시험센터 및 OnVue 온라인 감독시험
  • Am I eligible for the certificate? There are no formal entry criteria, but it is recommended that candidates have knowledge and grounding in the investment process. Please note there isa study commitment of 100 hours on average.
  • How do I take the exam? You will have one year from registration to schedule and take your examination. You can take the exam at a Prometric test center, or through remote proctoring if available in your country.
  • What will I learn? See the latest syllabus here.
  • What will I receive once I register? Registration includes the first exam sitting, a mock exam and access to online learning materials via a secure platform. This information will be provided to you upon confirmation of your registration.

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